About Me

My name is Roman Francisco. I am a photographer, app developer, frustrated saxophone player, father to two girls, husband to Nina.

I own a Toyota Prius, drives a Honda Odyssey, owned a BMW Z4 and rides a Fixie Bike.

I live in East Brunswick, NJ because fire trucks and ambulances have their siren on in Jersey City at night, even though there’s no traffic on the road.

I love ice cream. If we can survive on just eating ice cream, I will.

White gray hair is starting to replace the black on my head. One of this days I will just shave them all and just wear a hat.

I grew up in Manila, Philippines and left when I was 25 to work everywhere as a consultant. Current assignment/location NYC/USA.

By the way, I have an identical twin brother (i.e., clone) living in Hawaii. He’s very handsome.

My retirement plan is to go back to the Philippines and live in a Nipa Hut with a hammock beside a rice field.

Please call or email to schedule a meeting so we can meet and discuss your wedding day. (646) 450-4266

My Mission

I am not a big wedding studio. This is my own business that I myself run. Meaning, I do it all. From the photography to the sales and marketing. I don’t have what the big wedding studios have. With them you get consistency, streamlined process, in-and-out, a person for every stage of their process. Meaning what the previous client experience will be what the next one will have, again and again.

With me it’s not like that. Every client will have a different experience. Well because we are all different. For starters your venue could be your beautiful backyard with an open air tent or your ceremony may be an elaborate 3-day event, dress changes for the reception, pastel colored flowers instead of orchids, cake or no cake, red shoes or converse, future wife/husband or Mr/Mr or Mrs/Mrs couples will be different. So I cater to those who are different. They want their wedding to be unique. So I make sure we talk and discuss with each and everyone about what they have in mind of their special day. Your day-of schedule, location to shoot beyond ceremony & reception. I want to know everything that leads to this special day, and hopefully I deliver the same emotions in the images and service you desire.

(Hey, sometimes I also visit Walmart.)

Why you hire me.

Because shooting weddings make me happy.

As your photographer, I will be the one person that will be with you on your wedding day more than anyone else. I’m there from the time you get ready, up to the end when you cut the cake. So you better pick someone who likes doing it, otherwise you’ll be stuck with someone who’s grouchy.

Because I want you to be happy.

Your wedding event does not happen just on the wedding day. For me it is just the start. Collecting images of the event not only include family and friends, but also the venue, flower, food, mood, ambiance etc… and for the following week or so I will be making sure I can deliver that same feeling to your wedding album, prints, brag books, slideshow.

Because I deliver the goods.

I want you to have the negatives. The actual “celluloid” film. Because they will last. I’m old, I’m traditional, but I’m also modern.

Digital is not bad, but with digital you tend to over shoot. With film you make every frame count. When I edit digital sometimes I just want the process to be over, since there is just so many of the same shot. Plus I know I have to go back through each image and fix the color, exposure density… But with analog, when I get back the film scans from the lab, I savor each frame. It’s weird but sometimes I don’t want it to end so I only view maybe a handful a day because they are so good that they overload me in a good way. BTW for my personal images, out of the thousands of digital images I shoot only film images end up in my living room enlarged and framed. I even have 100x70in prints that is made from a traditional film camera. With no Photoshop retouching involved and I love it.


Hello world!

My site just recently crashed, so its back to the drawing board. Its still in the process of being fixed. So yes, its up, but you will see changes in layout as I work on it. Thanks and Enjoy!

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